Hard Disk Drive recording (AVCHD)

Canon’s HG10 Hard Disk Drive (HDD) camcorder offers huge storage capacity – letting you record up to 15 hours of High Definition movies on the internal disk. To achieve this, the HG10 uses the Advanced Video Codec for High Definition (AVCHD) recording format.

AVCHD uses state-of-the-art compression technology to reduce the extremely large file size of HD movies – without compromising picture quality. Combining great-looking movies with enormous storage capacity, these camcorders are the ideal tools for holiday moviemakers and adventurers. In fact, they’re great for anyone intent on a long day’s filming, since there’s no need to worry about running out of recording space. An additional benefit is that you won’t have to rewind or fast-forward to review your footage. Simply select a scene and you’re ready to go.

Clearing things up
When choosing an HD camcorder or television, you may notice that two standards exist – HD Ready 720 and Full HD 1080. They refer to the number of lines of information in the image: the Full HD standard offers the highest quality.

Of course, every movie recorded using HD looks great – but it is worth remembering that all Canon HD camcorders record using the Full HD standard, delivering the highest resolution that an HDTV can display.

Compatible models:



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