For years, Canon CMOS sensors have been used in our successful EOS range of D-SLR cameras. They have become the benchmark for professional photographic imaging quality. The development of a Full HD CMOS sensor, specifically designed for High Definition video recording, was therefore a considerable breakthrough.

Canon’s Full HD CMOS sensors have resolutions of at least 1920x1080 pixels, matching the size of the latest Full HD television sets. CMOS sensor technology allows a camcorder to read multiple pixel sites at the same time – this means that the increased data captured by High Definition video can be handled far more quickly and efficiently. CMOS sensors typically require less power than other systems too, extending battery life and allowing you to shoot for longer.

Canon’s unique CMOS production processes allow additional circuitry to be integrated onto the sensor chip itself.  On-chip noise reduction and pixel amplification are used to optimise the signal, while a Bayer Placement RGB primary colour filter provides excellent colour reproduction.

Canon is one of a select group of technology companies who have full in-house knowledge of CMOS imaging sensors – from design to manufacture. The knowledge, experience and technology that goes into producing our Full HD CMOS sensors delivers outstanding image quality in our camcorders.

Compatible models:

HD Home
Canon HD Camera System
Canon Optics for HD
Instant AF
Super Range OIS
Progressive shooting
HDMI terminal
Mic input with manual audio controls
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