Canon binoculars
Exceptional quality, build and performance

Canon binoculars get you closer in superb quality with a choice of magnification, weatherproofing and portability. They all offer exceptional optical and build quality for a wide range of applications and they all include Canon′s renowned optical Image Stabilizer to counteract body movement and handshake for superbly steady and comfortable viewing.

The range includes high-end waterproof and all-weather binoculars, plus a choice of compact and portable models:

Binocular use

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Enjoy a super steady view

For a more relaxed viewing experience with easy identification and tracking of subjects all the binoculars feature Canon′s optical Image Stabilizer (IS) to counteract the shake that occurs at high magnification and enable super steady handheld viewing. Some models in the range feature panning support which corrects shake even when you are following subjects in motion such as birds in flight.

Fast precise correction of a wide range of shake and movement

As well as correcting hand shake, the Image Stabilizer can detect and correct for many other types of movement such as the motion introduced by viewing your subjects from a moving vehicle or boat. It can even correct for the slow shake introduced by breathing as you view your subject.

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Smooth panning

Easily identify, follow and keep track of moving subjects, even those in flight, thanks to smooth panning support from the Image Stabilizer which corrects shake even as you move along with your subject. By correcting the shake you can retain a clear view of it and keep it in your sights.

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View in comfort for longer with reduced eyestrain

By effectively counteracting shake, the Image Stabilizer allows you to comfortably use your binoculars for long periods of time with reduced eyestrain. With a steady viewof your subject it is much easier to identify your subject clearly – effectively increasing the clarity of the subject and making larger magnifications a practical option for getting as close as you can to your subject.


Get closer with superb Canon quality

Every binocular in our range features Canon's renowned optics and advanced technology to deliver unparalleled viewing experiences, no matter what magnification you need. For the absolute best in resolving power with minimal optical aberrations even in low light, all our binoculars feature field flattener elements and the Super Spectra Coating while our top of the range binoculars feature UD lens elements.

Edge to edge sharpness thanks to the field flattener element

Enjoy a beautifully clear field of view from edge to edge thanks to Canon′s field flattener element, which removes the curvature of field that degrades image quality at the edges. Every pair of Canon binoculars features a field flattener element.


Canon precision, low distortion optics

Canon has a prestigious optical heritage which is reflected in the popularity and distinctiveness of the renowned EF lens range. The binocular range shares many of the same technologies and design expertise that make the EF lens range so unique. An example of this can be seen in the premium 10x42L IS WP binoculars that belong to the prestigious L-series, which is designated for lenses which adhere to the highest Canon optical standards of edge-to-edge clarity and colour accuracy.

Super Spectra coatings for a vivid viewing experience

Experience a vivid, high contrast view with accurate colour balance thanks to Super Spectra lens coating, which eliminates unwanted internal reflections that cause ghosting and flare.

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Reduced chromatic aberration with UD lens elements

The top of the range models, the18x50 IS AW, 15x50 IS AW and the 10x42L IS WP, all feature 1 or 2 Ultra-low Dispersion glass (UD) lens elements for reduced chromatic aberration (rainbow like distortion). Their large diameter 50mm or 42mm objective lenses and a large exit pupil diameter deliver a bright and relatively wide field-of-view even in low light.

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Waterproof and all weather binoculars

Our waterproof and all weather binoculars are designed to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions with a rugged construction and weather sealing to Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS). They range from the premium waterproof 10x42L IS WP binoculars (JIS 7), which feature Canon’s L series optics, to the 18x50 IS AW and 15x50 IS AW models (JIS 4) which combine high magnification with excellent stability.


Ideal for a wide range of outdoor activities

Our rugged waterproof and all-weather binoculars are ideal for a range of freshwater or marine applications, such as yachting or fishing. Stargaze from land or sea with our highest magnification all-weather models, or choose the portable 10x42L IS WP binoculars for a premium birdwatching experience. The level of weather proofing and water resistance gives you the re-assurance to use them in all weather conditions.


Rugged construction

The three weather proof models include a distinctive easy-grip for wet conditions, and a robust rubber coating to withstand all your adventures. Environmentally friendly lead-free components are included throughout the range and large, durable rubber covers over the entire objective lens assemblies that help impact resistance.

Excellent weather sealing

Our all-weather binoculars offer Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) weather sealing to JIS4, which allows them to be used in rain or snow and rinsed in running water to remove mud and dirt. Meanwhile our fully waterproof binoculars offer JIS7 weather sealing, which enables them to survive immersion underwater up to 1 metre deep for 5 minutes.


Compact, easy to carry binoculars

Designed for comfort and portability, with easy fingertip access to the Image Stabilizer and focussing controls, our compact and easy to carry binoculars offer a high-resolution view with a choice of magnifications: from the mid range 12x36 IS III to the ultra compact and lightweight 8x25 IS model that offers the ultimate in portability.


Ideal for travel, events and spectator sports

The perfect travel companion, our compact and portable binoculars are ideal for carrying around in a small bag and having them to hand when you want to spot and identify something in the distance. Their compact size and high performance means they can get you significantly closer with a stable view at sporting events and concerts.

A range of magnifications to suit your viewing needs

The Canon range of binoculars offers a choice of magnifications between 8x and 18x to suit your viewing needs and get as close as you need to be to your subject. The magnification you should select will depend on your distance to the subject and the subject size. If a pair of binoculars has 10x magnification, an object will be enlarged 10 times. In other words, something 100 meters away will look as if it is only 10 meters away through the binoculars. Generally speaking, 10x or 12x binoculars will be appropriate for birdwatching and spectator sports, the larger 15x and 18x magnifications will enable extreme close-ups and star gazing. Please select one of the subject area pages and we will take you through the models you may be interested in.


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