Customer Communications Management Online

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Improve customer experience with cloud capability

Customer Communications Management (CCM) Online is more than simply improving document production; it’s a step towards achieving a customer-centric, fully compliant and cost-saving approach to improve customer experience.

Integrating process and channel management can open up a new dialogue for your business communications. Move to a fully managed, cloud-hosted Service, and utilise Canon’s unique CCM Customer Application.

What we offer

Processing Service

Processing is streamlined by composing communications ready for the desired type of delivery, from the received customer data files.

Delivery Service

Readied files are available to be handed back to the customer for further processing, and/or delivery to their end user client.

Print & Mail Service

Spend more time concentrating on your core activities by outsourcing the production and delivery of print and mail to expert Canon teams.

E-mail Service

Fully-formatted communications go out to end user clients via e-mail, with tracking to collate reports on bounced emails.

Bounce to Print Service

Automatically ensure every communication gets through, with delivery of print-ready files if emails have bounced, or failed after several attempts.

Delivery Methods


Canon manages your received data which is processed, formatted into a communication output, and securely hosted in the cloud.

Skilled resources

Our staff are highly-skilled in turning data into personalised, targeted and compliant communications.

Cloud hosting

Secure remote access provides a CCM solution without costly licences or in-house specialists.

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Download content

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Multi-channel delivery

Expand your delivery capabilities and save resource costs with a Customer Communications Management platform that’s managed by a single point of contact – on-premise and in the cloud.

Use technology to improve customer experience, with a management platform in the cloud.

New systems, such as Canon’s communication platform, are indispensable for retaining existing and new customers.

- Markus Stricker, Managing Director, MSP

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