Canon celebrates 50th calculator anniversary with the unveiling of two new professional models

London, 9 June 2014 – This year Canon celebrates the 50th anniversary of its pioneering calculator range, and today unveils two new models designed for business and accounting professionals – the premium KS-1220TSG and the 16 digit MP1611-LTSC-es.

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Canon’s rich 50 year heritage in calculator design includes a number of significant milestones. In 1964 the company introduced the Canola 130, the world’s first 10-key electronic calculator and has since gone on to produce a vast range of calculators, including handheld, desktop, office printing and scientific models. Canon has also pioneered the use of more sustainable materials in calculator production, recycling components from other areas of its business to reduce its environmental impact. Today over 55% of the range is part manufactured from Canon recycled materials.

Canon KS-1220TSG – Stylish and user friendly
Both new calculator models offer a combination of business functions and calculations, as well as enhanced designs to enable quick operation, ideal for day to day use. The 12 digit KS-1220TSG calculator gives business professionals instant access to their most commonly used functions, including Cost-Sell-Margin, Tax, Decimal Switch and Rounding Up, Grand Total, and Memory. The keypad incorporates ergonomic silk print keys that facilitate a new full three key roll over function for fast and accurate data input, with the key layout specially designed for touch typing.

Users can easily see figures on the KS-1220TSG’s screen, thanks to the large tilting LCD display which can be adjusted to 40°. The flat, sturdy body weighs just 190g and includes a premium acrylic display panel, with keys housed in a premium casing with a metallic finish, complemented by a flat and tactile body, allowing professionals to take it with them wherever they go.

Canon MP1611-LTSC-es – High quality printing
Created for specialist finance workers, the MP1611-LTSC-es with its large 16-digit backlit LCD display provides quick, accurate and comprehensive tax, business and currency conversion functions with a two colour ink ribbon and print functionality.

Professionals can also benefit from two ink colours ensuring calculations are clearly visible once printed. Designed for heavy duty use, the spacious keyboard layout features large, durable and colour-coded keys for fast and accurate entry.

KS-1220TSG key features:

  • 12 digit desktop calculator
  • Extra-large adjustable display
  • Ergonomically shaped keys
  • Slim portable size
  • Grand total & memory functions
  • Business & tax functions

MP1611-LTSC-es key features:

  • 16-digit, 2-colour ink ribbon printing calculator
  • Tax, business, currency conversion and cash change functions
  • Large, 2-colour, backlit display
  • Spacious keyboard layout for heavy-duty use
  • Stylish silver metallic finish

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