Canon updates full Professional Print portfolio

LONDON, 10 October 2013 – Demonstrating its commitment to continue to invest in the development of technology that will meet the evolving needs of its customers, Canon Europe, a leader in digital imaging solutions, today announced that it has updated its complete portfolio of professional print products.

[MASTER] Picture_Canon imagePRESS C7011VPS
Canon imagePRESS C7011VPS

  • imagePRESS C7011VPS launched as new flagship colour production press
  • New monochrome portfolio comprises Canon varioPRINT 135 series, Canon imagePRESS 1135+ series and Océ VarioPrint 6000+ Lines
  • Version 6.1 of document make-ready software, OcéPRISMAprepare, completes new line-up

For colour production environments, the Canon imagePRESS C7011VP and C7011VPS Series, Canon’s new flagship colour production presses, offer both commercial printers and in-house print departments the latest innovations in digital print technology from Canon. Continuing to give customers a choice of popular and efficient workflow solutions, the presses incorporate new RIP technology in the form of the imagePRESS Server A7300 (powered by CREO), imagePRESS Server A3300, A2300 and A1300 (powered by EFI) and the imagePRESS PRISMAsync Server. Combined with enhancements to the imagePRESS controller, the RIPs deliver outstanding speed and print quality to boost productivity.

The new workflow solutions also extend the finishing capabilities of the Canon imagePRESS C7011VP and C7011VPS Series by making it compatible with more finishing devices, allowing customers to produce a wider range of applications and expand their service offerings. The new models feature an updated version of the innovative colour management tool, i1 Process Control, which helps achieve consistent and controlled digital colour printing, resulting in superb image quality for all printing professionals. Updated engine firmware in this new version of the successful imagePRESS family and an enhanced media catalogue, which includes new packaging and synthetic media among others, will also enable customers to consider other new applications for additional revenue and business opportunities.

With the volume of digital monochrome production print output in Western Europe running at approximately 220 billion A4 pages in 2013 (out of a total of approximately 280 billion digital production print A4 pages)¹, Canon is responding to market demand by also launching three ranges of black & white production printers: the Canon varioPRINT 135 series, the Canon imagePRESS 1135+ series and the Océ VarioPrint 6000+ Lines (comprising the Océ VarioPrint 6000 Ultra+, Océ VarioPrint 6000 TP+ and Océ VarioPrint 6000 MICR+).

Previously known as the Océ VarioPrint DP Line, the new Canon varioPRINT 135 series (comprising the Canon varioPRINT 110, varioPRINT 120 and varioPRINT 135) continues to offer the light-mid monochrome production market the consistent-quality and environmental benefits provided by the unique DirectPress, HeatXchange and EnergyLogic technologies². However, thanks to new finishing options and a new Océ PRISMAsync controller, the new Canon varioPRINT 135 series also gives customers greater application flexibility and improved productivity. In-line stacking and stapling functionality is provided by the Finisher-AK1, while the Saddle Finisher-AK2 is for those customers who require short-run, saddle-stitched booklets of up to 100 pages (25 sheets). A professional punch unit also offers the ability to punch documents with user-adjustable dies. A ‘printer only’ version of the Canon varioPRINT 135 series is available for those customers who, for reasons of cost, security or copyright, do not wish to take advantage of the scanning capabilities of the new devices.

Built on the same technology platform as the Canon imagePRESS C7011VP and C7011VPS series, and providing similar levels of reliability and stability, the Canon imagePRESS 1135+ series (comprising the Canon imagePRESS 1110+, imagePRESS 1125+ and imagePRESS 1135+) is the latest range in the evolution of Canon’s mid-volume production presses. With a choice of two powerful Fiery controllers, the imagePRESS Server K100 and K200, and expanded finishing options (the Finisher-AK1 and Saddle Finisher-AK2), the Canon imagePRESS 1135+ series has been engineered to deliver consistently high image quality, enhanced productivity and the reliability required in production environments.

With the Océ VarioPrint 6000 Ultra Line having established a reputation for excellence in the high volume monochrome printing market, the new Océ VarioPrint 6000+ Lines offer improved media handling capabilities, thanks to a new paper input module (PIM-A1), to expand the flexibility of the range. The module is able to support sheets up to 350mm x 500mm in size, which will make it attractive for book printers looking to move from offset to digital. Using the optional dual paper tray can also increase the number of A4 sheets from 4,600 to 8,000, enabling customers to benefit from longer unattended printing and a wider range of applications. The VarioPrint 6000+ Lines support up to three paper input modules, with a maximum of 24,000 sheets of input. The inclusion of the latest Océ PRISMAsync controller also ensures faster turnaround times.

In addition to updating its professional print hardware portfolio, Canon is also launching version 6.1 of its Océ PRISMAprepare all-in-one document make-ready software to offer customers greater functionality, while providing the same straightforward user experience. Océ PRISMAprepare 6.1 now features a variable data printing (VDP) function, allowing users to add variable data, including text and images, to PDF files, which is particularly useful for applications such as business cards, direct mail or personalised training manuals. Combining variable data in the make-ready workflow not only improves productivity, but, more importantly, it also gives users the opportunity to enhance the value of print applications. Another new feature is a ‘hot folder’ function, which enables users to manage multiple folders at a time and also associate the with pre-designed workflow templates, shortening turnaround times and reducing errors. Océ PRISMAprepare 6.1 also enables the real-time status checking of the device the print operator wants to use and, because it is based on an Adobe PDF library, it is possible to cut and paste between multiple PRISMAprepare windows.

Commenting on the launch of the new portfolio, Mark Lawn, UK & European Marketing Director, Professional Print, Canon Europe says: “With our focus firmly on how best to support our professional print customers in a constantly evolving market, we’re aware that we need to provide a portfolio of solutions that are similarly evolving. We’re therefore confident that this latest iteration of our portfolio, which centres on streamlining production, enhancing reliability and expanding finishing options, will help customers either to reinvigorate or continue to build their business.”

¹ Source: Caslon & Co., Inc. – Caslon Forecast of World Print, 16/08/2012.
² DirectPress, HeatXchange and EnergyLogic are all trademarks of Océ.

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