Digital-imaging artwork from around the globe

The Canon Digital Creators Contest is a highly prestigious award. The contest was initiated by Canon to drive digital creators to express and share their visions in the field of digital arts. It is an international forum founded in 2000 to bring together digital artists from all over the world. This year the contest is open from the 24th March and ends on the 4th September 2003.

The competition aims to identify and support creative digital talent among next-generation artists. Up to 20,000 US$, Canon products and a trip to Japan for the winners, as well as their winning works to be exhibited around the globe. If that does not stimulate your creativity we don't know what would!

In 2003 the contest has attracted 3,573 entries from 76 countries worldwide.

The competition covers four categories:

Digital Photo
Digital Graphics/Illustration
Digital Movie and the
Web Division.

Each category awards its own Gold, Silver, Bronze, Honorary and special Canon awards.  The last of the 2003 entries were accepted up until the 5th September 2003 while the official awards ceremony took place on the 5th December at the Spiral Hall, Aoyama, in Tokyo.
You can see a list of all the winners on

Plans for the launch of the 2004 contest will soon be announced.

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