Our range of lenses for EOS cameras

Whether macro, wide-angle or super-telephoto, a different lens can give you a new perspective

Can we help you choose your next lens?

Our lens selector will take you through our range of lenses and help you find the perfect match for you and your EOS camera.

EF-M lenses

Lenses created exclusively for use with EOS M cameras. Enjoy high performance and great image quality from a portable, lightweight design you can take everywhere.


Designed for EOS cameras with APS-C sized sensors, EF-S lenses are lightweight and deliver superb images – great for everyday use. Get creative with focal lengths from ultra wide angle to telephoto.

EF fixed focal length

For those who want the very highest image quality, fixed focal-length EF lenses also offer wide maximum apertures – great for low-light shooting and depth-of-field control.

EF Zoom

EF zooms offer a range of different focal lengths for creative flexibility in-camera. A great option for those travelling light or who need to work quickly.


See tiny objects from a different point of view. Macro lenses allow high magnifications and reveal intricate details – perfect for shooting flowers and insects on location.

Tilt and shift

Tilt-and-shift lenses allow control over focus and perspective. Extend depth of field in landscape and still-life photography, and capture natural views of architecture and interiors.

Canon Cine Lenses

Designed specifically for the Cinema EOS range of cameras, Canon cine lenses deliver superlative image quality for those working in the professional cinematography industry.


Increase the focal length of your Canon L-series lens for even more telephoto reach. Compact and portable, Extenders are an excellent option while travelling.